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Having trouble removing Substitute Credit Learning Events

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I am having an issue with the Substitute Credit feature, and I would like to know if anyone else is affected.

I have a test user who has substitute credit for a Substitute Item (Base Item is assigned through a curriculum), and I want to remove that substitute credit history event.  I added an Effective Date to the Substitute Item so that the test user's substitute completion date is earlier than the Effective Date.  When saving the change to the Effective Date, I chose the option to Apply changes to current and future learning events, but the substitute learning event was not removed. 

I then tried to remove the Substitute Item from the Base Item to see if the system would remove the substitute credit learning event from the test user.  When I remove the Substitute Item from the Base Item, I am not prompted to choose whether to remove completions for past items.  When I click the Remove icon, I immediately get the Schedule Background Job box.  When the job finishes successfully, the substitute learning event does NOT get removed.

According to SAP Help for 1H2020, I should be prompted to choose whether to remove the credit.  See the link below.

So it seems that there may be 2 issues:  (1) Setting an Effective Date on a Substitute Item is not removing substitute credit learning events that were completed earlier than the Effective Date, even when the option is chosen to Update current and future learning events, and (2) when a Substitute Item is removed from a Base Item, the system is not prompting the admin to choose whether to remove or keep past learning completions and is not removing past learning completions.

I have an open Incident on this, but I would appreciate knowing if it is just us being affected.


Mary Katherine


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Hi Mary Katherine,

We are experiencing the same issues as you. Removing the substitute item is not removing the substitute credit learning events. We will have to raise a similar case. Please keep us posted on what SF support says.