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How do you onboard/train employees in a regulated environment?

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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We have been discussing how we onboard and document training for employees. We are FDA/EPA regulated (plus other international regulating bodies).

  • We have curricula for each job title/role that list the procedures (SOP/WIS) they need to review and sign off using eSignature.
  • Managers are responsible for creating a learning plan for new position and letting us know using a request form linked in the LMS. They also need to let us know about documents to add or remove, etc.
  • It is cumbersome to maintain, managers complain about the process, etc. We do the best we can communicating and working with managers so they know what to do.

I am curious about other customer’s experiences.

What is your process for onboarding employees and then for ongoing training to ensure employees are trained to do their jobs and then stay up-to-date on procedures/critical job responsibilities.


Maria Molvin

Learning Technologist

GOJO Industries, Inc.


Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi Maria, for our regulated medical business unit we have introduced the role of the LMS Key Contact; they are located in the business area and represent and partner with functional mgt and support with learning assignments of new hires and ongoing; the manager remains responsible, but the LMS KC also acts as change agent and is trained in LMS processes. It is a global network of LMS Key Contacts. 

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Thanks Petra!