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How do you validate LMS for BizX releases and patches?

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

We went live with LMS on BizX in March and are wondering what other validated customers are doing to validate LMS when a quarterly BizX release occurs or the frequent BizX patches are applied?  I know there are no direct LMS changes except for the annual vSaaS LMS release but theoretically LMS could be affected when BizX changes. We are struggling with a testing strategy here. The whole point of vSaaS is to limit releases so we are not in constant validation mode, but now we feel like we at least need to do some basic regression testing every time BizX changes, which gets us into constant testing mode.  How is your company handling this?


Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hi Bob,

Hope you're doing well. Here at Eisai, we run regression testing to ensure core LMS features and training are intact and not impacted by BizX/VSaaS patches/bug fixes. I agree with you BizX integration has only created more work for us.

Hope this helps,


hi Dhruv, I am interested in the regression testing, will you share some of the tests with me that I can use as a reference to start our regression testing.
best regards,

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

We do not routinely do LMS regression testing for BizX quarterly releases, and we are vSaaS as well.  I do watch the BizX release notes for impacts to the Employee Profile feature, and when there have been universal features that impacted the sections of the Employee Profile that feed data to LMS, we have re-tested to confirm our SF User Connector still feeds data as expected (e.g. the big upgrade to PP3 last year).  But as long as the SF User Connector still functions as expected, we hold our regression testing until we get the next LMS release in our preview environment. 

Mary Katherine Johnson

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Hi Mary

Thanks for the above details.  We are on BizX as well and looking for release notes currently.  When feasible, can you point us to where we can find the BizX release notes, a link maybe.