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How other learning users deals with Red zone & Yellow zone ?

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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We have configured SuccessFactors Learning 2 years ago with 4 tenants :

dev ( preview dc)

test ( prewiew dc)

val ( prod dc)

prod ( prod dc)

we have put a strict code move in place :

dev-> test -> val -> prod

which requires frequent refreshs.

since december 2022, we are failing to use instance refresh tool to refresh our val environement for both bizx AND lms at the same time : the explanation from sap is that the 2 lms tenant prod and val are on the same datacenter and both flag as Red zone tenant.

SAP is rejecting the idea to refresh val environment with prod tenant:

the only 2 options :

- move val lms tenant into preview datacenter

- stay in prod datacenter, but request manual refresh for lms tenant.

Option 1 is bad since it causes our val environment to be 2 month per year or more to be with different code level than prod environment.


option 2 is preventing us to take benefits from IRT tool to be autonomous for refresh request 

how other customers with val environment on prod datacenter are living these new requirements ? Are they ok with requesting manual instance refresh ?