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How to see Items that have a Quiz Assessment Linked to Them

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Has anyone figured out how to search, view, or report on the Items that have Quiz Assessments linked to them?   Or which items use a particular quiz assessment?

EDIT:  The Item Object Details report will show this information, but I have to run it for ALL POSSIBLE ITEMS that might contain an assessment.  Am I missing an easier way to get this information?

Thanks for your help!

Mary Katherine

@sany said 


Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Hi Mary Katherine,

I created a quick and dirty report for you that allows you to search Assessments (quiz or exam) and displays its Associated Items. It also allows you to search Items and find its associated Exams/Quizzes.

Please see attached.

Galactic 4
Galactic 4

With the latest release you may see now directly from the assessment record in which items it is being used: