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icontent and permissions around access to the content

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hello  Everyone - we are looking to host our training content on iContent but we have the need to only allow access to folks that are authorised. In other words, system will send an email with a link to the item. Only individuals who are authorised to see this document should be able to view it. 

Can we restrict document access within iContent server. Meaning - only users who are assigned a document should be able to view the document, the rest should not be able to (by modifying the URL or by copying the link etc).


Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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As discussed, iContent does have Entitlement service - meaning a user needs to have an active session in order to access a link to content stored on the iContent server.

However the issue in your case seems to be the ability to modify the URL once content is launched, and during an active session, to get to other content (assumption is they know what the subdirectory and content title would be).

SF has acknowledged that this is possible. However it would be interesting to see what workarounds other customers have come up with where this is an issue.


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Chris - i wanted to know if anyone in this community is having to deal with or has dealth with similar issue and how they may have gotten past it. Thanks!