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Ignore previous completions older than does not work if curriculum already assigned

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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We needed to update an existing curriculum to add a retraining period of 365 days and added for "Ignore previous completions older than" 350 days assuming it would ignore any completions older than 350 days to ensure users do not show up as past due.  This did not work, it still calculated the required date base on last completion date.  I recall we had made this type of change in the past and had no issues but now its not working.  It works when the curriculum is newly assigned though.  Has anyone gone back and updated a curriculum and used this feature?




Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Wouldn't removing the curriculum assignments then assigning again get you what you need? Granted that would give another problem. People who had completed curriculum items ever would get new initial period required dates. That could be addressed with the Required Dates Editor tool.

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We've used the required dates to address the issue however I feel that this is a bug and should get fixed by SF.

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It working for us. Initial and Retraining are Event based.

When you have an item in a curriculum that has already been assigned and now you modify to add the retraining and ignore previous completion older than, it actually works for you? It only works for us if its a new assignment.

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I agree with may thang:

When you modify how a curriculum will act when assigned, it will affect only the curriculum that is assigned going forward, it will not go back and pick up those who already have the curriculum assigned, it will only happen for new assignee's.

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Yes it works for us. Here are the steps:

1. Assigned Item A today via a Curr with Initial period (7 days) and Retraining (30 days), no previous completion checked

2. User completed the item on 11 May2020, so the new due date is 10June2020 (based on retraining period)

3. Changed retraining to 365 days and Ignore Previous completion to 365, new due date is now 11May2021

Am I missing anything?

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Hi Dhruv,

The scenario we had is as follows:

1. Assigned Item A today via a Curr with Initial period (15 days), no retraining and no previous completion checked
2. User completed the item on 11 May2019 and since no retraining then nothing.
3. Changed to add retraining of 365 days and Ignore Previous completion to 365, new due date shows 11May2020 base on last completion date hence it did not ignore even though the completion date was older than 365 days.

SF support came back and said it does not take effect with edit and only with new assignments which for some reason years ago, I recall it did work. They sent me this KBA that was updated 11/28/2019.

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@May what do you have set as your Effective Date?

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I have the effective date the same as when it was first launched as I only changed it to add retraining and ignore previous completion. I thought effective date only impacts when the item is effective.