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Import Tool Curricula Assignment and User Compliance Details Report issue in vSAAS version

Galactic 6
Galactic 6


I recently discovered 2 bugs in our environment as follows:

1. Import Tool Curricula Assignment - remove curricula is processed with incorrect last updated user; in some cases the user ID indicated does not exist at all

2.  User Compliance Details (CSV) - assigned date in the report is not showing in the correct time zone as required and completion date

I reported both to SF support and the response was fix to both are in 1908 release.  If both bugs were discovered in the non vSAAS customers environment, why were they not considered in the patch fix for vSAAS.  For a validated customer, both bug poses a compliance issue and we were advise to wait for the fix as part of b2005 upgrade which is 6 months from now.  Has anyone have this issue or other issues that received the same response?  I


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Hi @may thang,

As we are upgrading your Sanbox and Preview environments to the 1H2020 release, we do not have any additional patches planned for 1808. In general response to your question, not every defect that is identified in later environments is automatically back-ported to a VSaaS patch, and sometimes it is not feasible to do so. It would also dramatically increase your validation effort of every patch we apply in areas you may not be using, or use cases that may not apply to your configuration. We prioritize the issues that have been reported by a VSaaS customer and the impact of all the issues reported to determine feasibility,priority, and scope of each patch. Thank you for raising awareness to the issues you recently discovered.