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Is there a way for a trainer (non-admin user) to record a completion for another user without giving them admin access?

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We are looking for a process in which our trainers (non-admin user) to be able to record or log a completion for an item for another user.  For example, trainer would review the user's work and ensure they have followed/met all of the requirements then they sign off indicating the user is certified.  Currently it is a paper form with the trainer's signature.  Is there a more automated process? 




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Hi May,

Instructors can record ad hoc completions for Items they are authorized to teach. They would not require admin access and could complete this task via the My Classes tab. 

Hi AYang,

You are right, the instructor can record ad hoc completions for Items they are authorized to teach; but it does not have any impact on the User's learning history.

it's only on the instructor's view.

Only admins can record learnings in the users' training histories


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Anissa- If the Instructor marks attendance it does not appear on the Users Transcript. However, if they mark a completion it does appear on the History/Transcript..

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Is there a way for a user to complete a checklist to evaluate another user and mark it complete?

Yes, you can use the Task Checklist function. A user would request an observer to view and mark a checklist and mark success/fail/completion. All of this functionality is handled on the end user-side outside of the initial checklist set-up which is done on the admin side. Let me know if you want additional information about this. -Orley

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Is it possible for the observer to initiate task checklist for a user?

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@Wick Orley What has to be set up differently for an instructor to be able to mark completion therefore recording it in the user's learning history?  I didn't thihk that could be done.

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A Yang is correct.  An instructor with the appropriate security workflows can record learning completions for ad hoc completions for items that they are authorized to teach IF the item is set up correctly.  There are a lot of IFs in that sentence.  To break it down:

  1. The Instructor user security role must have the security workflow for "Record Learning for ad hoc Classes". 
  2. The instructor's record must have the Instructor user security role on it that contains that security workflow.
  3. The instructor's Authorized To Teach tab must list the items for which you want the instructor to be able to record completions.
  4. The Purchasing Option field on the item's Chargeback tab must be set to No Charge.  This is the magic bullet that took me forever to figure out.  If the Purchasing Option is not set to No Charge, the "Record Completions" button will not display beside the item title on the instructor's My Classes > Authorized To Teach menu.
  5. One other subtle point:  In the Instructor user security role, there is another workflow for "Record Learning".  I believe this workflow allows the instructor to record learning for scheduled offerings for which they are listed as an instructor.  If you want them to be able to record completion credit for an item even when there was no scheduled offering, the instructor needs the other workflow also.

We are starting to use this feature more often for department trainers who don't have admin responsibility within the LMS but who want to be able to record credit for the items they teach during 1:1 training sessions.

Good luck!

Mary Katherine

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The ability for the instructor to record completion, is this on the admin side or the user?  I was testing on the user side tab for the instructor to see if I can register a user adhoc and it doesn't seem to have access.  I don't want to give them access to the Admin tab to do this.  I was hoping the Instructor tab from a user side would allow them to do this.  Please advise.

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Yes the ability is available from the user side. Make sure the instructor role has the appropriate access and for ad hoc recordings they need to have the Item identified as "authroized to teach" on the instructor record.

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I recently did a webinar session where we covered the Instructor role and walked through all the workflows need to perform all the available functions.  

Here is a link to the recording as well as the presentation.   Check out slide 14 and 15, I think this should help you find what is not configured correctly in your instance.



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Hi Michelle, Thank you for the response. I clicked on the link and it gave me access denied. I wonder how I can get access to this area. Thanks, May

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We have OJTs (On the Job Training) that have checklists.  This initiates the observer and observee function. 

  1. Create new item as Other
  2. In addition to your item set up, create a task check list.  Be sure to enable it once you have entered all your tasks.
  3. Add an authorized instructor and make sure that box is checked off.
  4. To initiate the observations, an employee, manager or admin can initiate the observation.  We require the employee or manager to do that.
  5. The observer will receive a notification to observe the employee and go through the task list.
  6. Once passed, the observer marks the employee complete in the front end.