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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!

Learning Tenant Sealing - VSaaS Customers


Hello Validated Learning Customers,

  As you may have seen in the Customer Community (, SAP SuccessFactors has started the process of sealing integrations for our regular SaaS customers.

Please know that the following Pre-Requisites are needing to be met to seal your Learning Tenant Integration (as noted in the Blog above):

Instance Eligible to be Sealed meets the definition of a 'Good Integration':

•Instance Type is the same (Ex. Preview/Preview, Test/Test, Production/Production)
•Data Centers are the same (Ex. Learning on DC33 / HXM Platform on DC33). 
•Integration is enabled on both LMS and HXM suite
•Integration configurations point to each other
•Instance is on at least the 2305 release (May 2023 release version) - this would be Sandbox and Stage VSaaS tenants (not PreProd or Prod)

Customers can request to have their integration sealed if you are looking to be an early adopter of Talent Intelligence Hub (TIH).

This note is to inform you that we are beginning our process of data validation for our Validated Learning Customers and more information will be sent out in the coming weeks about this process for your tenants.  We appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing more details shortly.