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Mobile Tile/Mobile Options Screen for vSaaS Customers

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

With the annual upgrade this year, we are moving to the Fiori BizX homepage. The new 'mobile' tile has lead to questions about the Mobile settings page.

Our concern is that the page has a link to dowload the SuccessFactors app for iOS or Andriod devices, but this is the WRONG app for a validated learnign customer. We are going to hide the tile for now, but this uncovered a big oversight in our eyes and feel we need the ability to configure the page to swap out the app listed, hide it, add custom text, ect.


Galactic 3
Galactic 3


We also have a similar concern with regards to our users accessing our Validated LMS using their mobile devices (i.e. Safari on iPad).

They are presented with a "smart banner" that suggests them to download the mobile application.

This is a concern for 2 reasons:

1. The proposed mobile application is actually not the validated learning app, so useless for us

2. We actually didn't plan to roll out the mobile app before some time, so we didn't want the users to start using it... and now they are suggested to use one that is not even the correct one.

Is there any way to turn the smart banner off (like you can turn the Tile on BizX off) ?

And of course, is there any plan to point validated learning customers to the validated mobile app (or at least give the choice !).

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This is a considerable oversight on SF's part.  Sadly, it appears that no one from SF even moderate's this group as there is no comment/reply/acknowledgement.  Have you submitted a ticket to support and if so, was there any response?  I will submit one now.