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New Admin UI - Unable to add/edit Job Code on User record

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

We are testing v2005 in Sandbox, and are unable to add Job Codes to users, or edit assigned Job Codes.

We use Job Code functionality in Assignment Profiles, and for directly assigning Curricula through Job Code to Curricula relationships. 

I see there is a change in v2005 that keeps the User entity record from being editable, but not being able to Add/Edit the primary job code of a User would be a significant change for us, as this is how our manufacturing sites assign training.

Is there another way to perform these edits? The Job Code data is not available in our HR systems, so this data cannot come through our user interface. 

We can add ALT Job Codes, but not Job Codes.


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
Hi, I tried in our environment and I have no issues modifying users assigned job code. Although I do have permissions to ALL. Please check if you have permission to Add Job Code and Edit Job Code under People Management.

Hi May,

I have our IT team checking workflow permissions.

Question on your settings: Do they match this guidance?

If Learning user has Person GUID (identifier passed from BizX/Foundation) AND shopping account type = external

  • All Personal Info and Employment Fields on the user record will be editable
  • Some fields are read only such as Related Admin
  • Security fields do not appear

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Where would I see this setting as it doesn't look familiar? Our LMS is for internal users only so this may be the difference however you should be able to then update the user's job code at the BizX level correct?

We have noticed the same issue at Pfizer and not being able to update the Primary job code is going to cause a big problem for our admins.

When we logged a ticket with the SAP support team they suggested we change the users to an external shopping account but we need to know what impact this would have (we are assuming we only need to change the admin accounts to external - still waiting on confirmation for this query).

There is a KBA that was referenced in our ticket: - but that mentions that the employee export job in BizX to learning does not include accounts with external status  - so I'm wondering what is the impact on changing accounts to external

Does anyone know if SAP are going tor reverse this change?



User data needs to be managed in the platform and it will reflect accordingly in the LMS. Changing the shopping account type could have impact to the user experience especially in catalog.  The correct approach is to make the relevant update in the appropriate area.

Hi Sany,

We allow our admins to access the BizX platform to manage each of their users from their domain within the platform - the main use case for this is allow for re activation of accounts or creation of accounts if needed in a hurry due to delay in HR files being updated - so we have setup access to the platform but its not something that is used often.

We do have a job code available to update as a user attribute in BizX so are you referring to use that to update a Primary job code if you can't do so in learning for v2005?

If so (this could be to do with how we have set this up) we don't have an option to search for job codes on the job code attribute in BizX and so our admins would need to know the exact ID of the job code - they could get this from learning but that means they would need to search for the job code, copy it, go into BizX to manage the users, find the user and paste it into the job code attribute - a lot of additional steps

Also the HR updates between BizX platform and learning are scheduled once a day at present so we would need to increase our schedule and the changes are not immediate as in learning today

So is this your suggestion and can you reply to my comments above please. 



Hi all,

I've submitted an enhancement request to re-introduce the ability for admins to update a Primary Job code manually for a user to allow for continued curricula user assignment functionality we have today in v1908:

I'd appreciated if you could all vote for this in the influence tool: