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new APM in b2105 without Release info, Config Workbook info and functional Help side

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Dear validated community,

in our LMS sandbox with the release b2105.p4 I found via permission compare with prod a new function/feature & permission: 

          Edit Process Pending Learning Events After E-signature Is Disabled

This enables a new APM Process Pending Learning Events After E-signature Is Disabled between Proccess VLS AttendanceProgram VLS Enrollment/Withdrawal.

This are my issues with the new APM:

  1. When I open the APM and click at the help icon top right, it failed to show the corresponding help content / explanation to it: image
  2. I didn't found any LRN / Release / feature information about this new APM in the release notes for validated customers (version date May/28/2021). The LRN-82169 is another feature.
  3. Our implementation partner provided me the Configuration Work book (1H_2021_Learning_Config_Workbook_v2.docx), but there is also no information about this new APM (should be chapter 12).

How could this new feature be introduced to validated LMS without any annotations?

Kind regards