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Notification Token Not Working/Converting

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue with one of the newer Notification Tokens. When using the QUAL_CPNT_REV_DATE_IN_LONG Notification Token, it doesn't properly convert to the appropriate value. When it’s used as a simple display value in the notification, it shows as blank. On the other hand, if it's used as part of a direct link URL, it just gets converted to %3cQUAL%5fCPNT%5fREV%5fDATE%5fIN%5fLONG%2f%3e which causes the link to generate an error message. All of the other tokens get converted correctly.

In other words, the direct link should contain the converted value, which is the item's Revision Date in Epoch Time (ex. 1488306780000). But instead it just shows the URL encoded text string.

We’re currently using this token in the Training is Coming Due (ApmTrainingExpiration) and Action Required – Training is Past Due (ApmTrainingOverdue) notifications to generate Item Detail Direct Links, and we’re experiencing the issue with both notifications.

Please let me know if you’re also having a similar issue.