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OpenText vs EMC-Documentum with Validated LMS

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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We're in the middle of a product evaluation for a new Enterprise Content Management that's primary purpose would be to serve as our Quality Management System and integrate with our Validated LMS environment.  Based on our research and Gartner validation, EMC-Documentum and OpenText are fairly strong in the regulated Life Sciences Industry.  In my opinion, OpenText has stronger ties and integration with SAP/SF.  Is anyone going through a similar evaluation or has already implemented one of these solutions that can share best practices?  We have 100's of policy and quality management documents that manufacturing employees are trained on daily so integration with our LMS is critical.  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!


Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Hi John,

We currently are linking out to documents using an old version of OpenText (Livelink). We will be upgrading to OpenText soon and have been assured our links will work. Our IT department did need to work with a vendor who is helping us upgrade to OpenText to create a special link syntax so that employees who do not have a named license to Livelink/OpenText can still open PDF versions of our controlled documents.

Hope that helps!

Maria Hlas

Learning Solutions Designer


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Hi Maria,

Thanks for sharing.  Are you primarily just linking to the documents in OpenText?  How are you controlling document revisions and workflow approval?  Does the new OT version give you any new features from an LMS perspective?

Thanks, John

We are primarily linking to documents. We receive notifications from our document control department when documents are revised. We use the "Revise" function for the item and update the revision number. If the item is on an employee's curriculum (we call them Learning Plans), when the Curriculum/Learning Plan Cleanup and Curriculum/Learning Plan Notifications APMs run, employees are notified that their assignments have changed.

From our perspective, the upgrade to OpenText won't have much of an affect. I don't know from our document control and workflow perspective how it is affecting things.


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Thought it would be a good idea to revisit this topic. Has the OpenText acquisition of Documentum impacted anyone or is it's "business as usual"? Thanks for any insight.