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Patch 30 2022 - Unclear Release notes

Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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we are conducting our risk assessment on the release notes for Patch 30. 

We can't replicate the following issues. Replication steps are missing or not clear.

Does anyone have more information on these? are you experiencing some of them in your system?

ReleasePTCH Number LRN Number ResolutionRisk Assessment
b2105p30PTCH-37997LRN-128013Fixes an issue where the Learning Plan and the Curricula Details unexpectedly show different Required Date values.Not Applicable - Unable to replicate
b2105p30PTCH-38001LRN-127258Fixes an issue where the incorrect Item ID was displayed when when adding Item Prerequisites.Not Applicable - Unable to replicate
b2105p30PTCH-38005LRN-119682Fixes an issue with Substitute Credit on Items with Retraining.NA - No replication steps and Unable to replicate following the ticket steps

Thank you,



Galactic 4
Galactic 4


We were not able to get a clear understanding of those either. We have submitted a ticket to have them provide more information on those.

Marla Brabham

@Brabham Marla 

Thank you for your feedback! can you please share in this thread if you will get any information? 

best regards,


Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hi Team,

Can you please tell me where you have gotten this patch details? I tried finding the pdf file for patch 30 in but so far no luck. Please let me know the link or attach the patch details in this community.


you can find the release notes for this and other patches at this link.

You can download a PDF from there.  Alternatively, you can check out the "What's new viewer".

Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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Hi, These are some information that we got from SAP. For the second fix listed, we are not sure of what "invalid item" means. Do you have any suggestions?

PTCH Number

LRN Number

Replication Steps



    • Curriculum Req Group (Inti period 30 days, retrian is 365 days
      • Requirement1 (1 out 3) OR Requirement2 (1 out 5)
    • Assgined Curriculum Feb 14th 2022 Required date - March 15th 2022
    • Admin recording learning event for user Jan-01-2021 (item from req1)
      • Requirement2 - Required date March 15th 2022, completion date null
      • Requirement1 - Required date Jan-01-2022 (365 days), completion date Jan-01-2021, overdue-45 days  
      • Learning plan showing Req2 REuired date Whereas Curriculum Details page showing Req1 require date Fix: Learning plan page should show req date same as curr details page.



3151173 - Item prerequisites can show invalid items but still save correctly - SAP ONE Support Launc...



    • Create Item - ITEM1 REV1 with Retraining period of 365 days
    • Create Curriculum - CURR1, include ITEM1 REV1 with same retraining period
    • Assign Curriculum to USER1
    • USER1 completes ITEM1 REV1, gets "for-credit" completion status
    • Admin grant "not-for-credit" completion status to USER1 for ITEM1 REV1
    • USER1 completes ITEM1 REV1 again
    • Admin creates REV2 of ITEM1 with same Retraining Period and Substitute of REV1. (Note the "for-credit" and "not-for-credit" statuses that you use to set up the relationship)
    • USER1 gets no "for-credit"(this is incorrect) Substitute Status but "not-for-credit" Substitute status with the date being the date of the last completion of ITEM1 REV1, not the date of the last revoke. (this is not correct)

Hope it will help,