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Patch 30

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Does anyone have details on what is fixed with patch item PTCH-34149? I encountered the following our Sandbox instance after the HXM Suite upgrade to 2H 2020. I hoping all are addressed with the patch being applied this weeked.

  • Fiori tabs have arrows and do have the thick underline indicating which tab is selected
  • Fiori dialogs display in the lower third of the page causing buttons on the dialog to be inaccessible
  • Calendar pickers in both the new Administration UI and the User UI are based on 8-day weeks

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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We had patch 30 released to SBX and STAGE as we are vSAAS customer. The new Admin UI is all messed up and not usable in our environment after patch 30 released. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? the Learning Administration UI loads with the menu listed in plain text and does not link to anything. Thanks, May

hi May, i have the same situation as well. It looks like this is because our BizX QA environment is still on b2005 (on production stack) until the upgrade on 20-Nov. Patch 30 was to fix the theming issue where Learning is on b2005 and BizX is on b2011.

I opened an incident with SAP but i am not sure if there is anything they can do. I will keep you posted, please do the same. The good news is that I am able to access LMS QA natively.



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I am able to log in via BizX in our sandbox but the new admin UI only displays the menu in plain text and links to nowhere so I can’t use it at all. I can access the old admin UI but this doesn’t help since I need to validate the new admin UI. Thx, May

Same here 😞

This is not acceptable, we were planning  starting our OQ in QA this week, but the QA (Stage) environment is unusable, only 4 weeks before the PROD upgrade.

@sany said , can SAP consider upgrading bixZ ASAP.

Thanks, please keep me posted.

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Hi May,

we are facing the same issue(PFA my screenshot). The new Admin UI is all messed up and not usable in our environment after patch 30 released. 

Is there already a solution for it? 



When I talked with support in the morning, there was no solution and was informed it was due to Bizx should be upgrade to b2011 and since we had Bizx b2005, new admin UI is messed up. We have pre-prod that has Bizx on preview instance hence it was upgraded to b2011. I could see there are issues with the Bizx header that would be a problem if they don't fix before they move to Production on 11/20 but to fix immediate issue with stage, I moved forward with moving our stage environment to connect to our preprod Bizx and though it would solve everything. It only solved access to new Admin UI however the learner UI loads but many things don't work so it isn't completely usable for UAT so I raised issues with support and they came back and told me it is due to version mismatch which I told them it shouldn't be as my Bizx is now b2011 so now I have escalated it again and waiting on their response as well as trying to get confirmation if this is patch release fix is in Bizx, LMS or both. If I get any more updates, I will post.
thanks, may

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Hi Everyone, BizX has released an emergency patch in b2005 today that should resolve the UI issues you've experienced on these special configuration setups.  Please feel free to log into the environments where you were seeing issues to confirm. 

I do want to mention that Sandbox and Preview LMS environments are designed to be integrated to Preview BizX tenants while Production and Pre-Production LMS should be integrated to BizX tenants in the Production pool.  This is the second major issue we have faced recently when some customers have Sandbox or Preview LMS tied to a Prod BizX.  Please set aside some time after the upgrade to assess your landscape against this setup.  

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Thanks for the update Sany! We still had SBX on BizX Prod pool so was able to test and confirm its fixed. We had migrated our Stage environment to be on Preview BizX hoping we would get back to UAT faster and not lose a week but without access to Provisioning and relying on CS to help us, it took over 2-3 days to get it to work and we are still waiting for the BizX import/export jobs to be scheduled. This was the reason we originally wanted to hold off changing the landscape without realizing another BizX upgrade would occur before the upgrade that would mess things up. The landscape should have been brought to our attention when we implemented BizX last year than we could have avoided these issues. Also since we had PreProd connected to BizX preview, we were able to test if there was any impact of BizX upgrade while LMS was still on old version 1808. If we have preprod completely aligned with production, during the period in which we are working on the annual upgrade, how would we be able to test any impact of BizX upgrade to our production environment? thanks, May

Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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Our CSM just sent me this, , which at the moment is not available . . .

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We were told it is a mismatch version of BizX b2005 and LMS b2005 so we made the effort to move our LMS b2005 to connect to Bizx b2011 and are facing the following issues on the Learner side:
1. Initial login, My Learning does not load and gets an error refused to connect. so I click on My Learning and it loads
2. Click on My Team and it loads My Learning Assignments page which is wrong
3. Click on My Learning again then click on Browser all courses and page does not load, error: refused to connect.

Now I was advised that this issue is related to version mismatch still. So all my effort did not get me far except Learning Administration seems to be working fine however how can I kick off UAT with the Learner side issues and in addition, another patch which means we have to test again. Is anyone who has Bizx b2011 connected to LMS b2005 p30 experiencing the same issues? Thanks,

Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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With patch 30 we have found another issue on our sandbox system.

In the old Java Admin UI it is possible to give a role permissions to run specific reports without "Search Reports" permission.

In the new Admin UI the permission for "Search Reports" must be given in order to display the Reports menu at all.

Due to tests we have found the "Search Reports" permission is necessary since installation of patch 28 and 30.

We have checked the release notes, but could not find any hint for the changed behavior.

Does anyone determined the same behaviour?
Does anyone know in which release note this was changed?



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Hi Carla,

A while back, we had noticed that issue as well. It wasn't communicated very well, but it's on page 53 of the Learning Administration Transition Guide_March2020 document (attached). It was sent to us by our SAP Support Analyst.

I hope that helps.


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Hi Kevin,

that's it.

Many Thanks