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PLEASE VOTE: E-signature default user ID and ability for users to show password

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Hi All,

This has been requested before over the years and I am reviving it as we continue to improve the user experience and this is one of their pain points especially for users with foreign keyboards.  The workaround to type in notepad and paste is not a long term solution and very difficult for users to understand as other applications provide the ability for them to show password.  Please vote to enhance the e-signature screen to default the user ID and ability for users to unhide password.  In addition, I discovered recently I am able to unhide user ID and password on Internet Explorer but not on Chrome so I am guessing this is a feature with in Internet Explorer but this inconsistency is confusing.  This should be consistent and built in to LMS.  Here's the link to vote:

Thank you,



Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Please vote for this change as this will help improve the user experience as I get so many feedback from our users as to why they need to type in their user ID again and also why they cannot see what they typed in. Other apps already allow them to do this. This will also alleviate the cases we get from users saying their passwords do not work. Thanks, May