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PLEASE VOTE: Influence idea to update AICC wrapper to work with documents on shared server like SharePoint

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Hey Life Science team, I would like to ask you to consider voting for an influence idea I saw today.  I did not write it, but I agree with it wholeheartedly.  The influence idea describes the issue that we face when we use the AICC wrapper to allow online completion of documents that live on our cloud document management server or on a shared documents server like SharePoint, Google Docs, Teams, etc.  Because the current wrapper uses HTML iFrame technology, browsers typically refuse to display the content within the iFrame.  This is an intentional security feature that is often coming from both the browser and the cloud server.  And even though there is typically a link at the bottom of the message that says "click the link below to open the document in a new window", our users panic and just submit a support ticket because the "content will not open".   The AICC wrapper is a business-critical feature for us that allows our users to read and acknowledge these documents, but I would like to see the AICC wrapper use a newer technology other than an HTML iFrame.

Here is a link to the influence.  Please vote!

Thank you!
Mary Katherine


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Galactic 3
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Thanks for pointing this idea out and I also wholeheartedly agree that this should be put in place, vote placed

Hi All,

we were facing the same issue for all the files stored on our data management system(DMS). We have been able to fix that issue for Google Chrome by updating the windows registry settings for samesite attribute.

But when it comes to the AICC wrapper we have another issue: if for some reasons (e.g. server down) the file in the DMS is not available but the learners can click on "agree" button and accomplish the training. It might be a big problem during the audits. What do you think and how do you deal with this situation?