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Post upgrade, cannot unlock locked item when max failures are exceeded (defect LRN-47225)

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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I discovered yesterday that we can no longer unlock a locked item for a single user who has exceeded max failure attempts for the item.  SAP Support said this issue sounds like defect LRN-47225, which is supposed to have been fixed in release b1902. 

How to replicate the issue:

  1. On item Online Settings tab > Settings drop-down menu, populate a Failure Status, set Failure Action = "Lock Item after failure", and set "Times user can Fail before action" to 1 or more.
  2. Link an object that is able to send a failure status.  We tested both a quiz assessment object and a SCORM 1.2 quiz (configured to send Passed/Failed status instead of Passed/Incomplete status), and we encountered the issue with both types of content.  We also chose to check the option "Record learning event when content is failed", but I think this step would be optional. 
  3. Have test user fail the object enough times to equal the value set for "Times user can fail before action".  User will see message on content structure page saying "Item is locked".  On Learning Assignment List, item will show "Locked Out".
  4. As admin, go to user's Assigned Items tab and click Object Details for the locked item. 
  5. The link with the filing cabinet icon will show Has Access = No.  Click the link to open the object details for the item, and check the Has Access box.  Apply Changes.  Return to Item Details.  Confirm Has Access = Yes beside the link with the filing cabinet icon.
  6. Have test user refresh his Learning menu.  Item remains Locked Out.
  7. As admin, return to item Online Settings menu.  Change a setting on either the Settings drop-down or the object, click Save, click Yes to reassign the item back to the test user to reset his online status.
  8. Have test user refresh his Learning menu again. Item still shows Locked Out.

This issue seems to only impact Items that get locked upon failure.  It does not seem to impact quiz assessment objects that get locked when a user exceeds Maximum Attempts for the quiz assessment.

When the item did not have Failure Action = Lock item, we confirmed that a user could fail a quiz assessment enough times to lock out the quiz assessment object itself.  In this scenario, the admin was able to unlock the quiz assessment object through the Object Details link on the user's Assigned Items menu.  We just cannot use the Lock Item After Failure action any longer - at least until the bug fix gets applied to our environments, sometime between now and March 2020.

Has anyone else come up against this issue?  Since there was a defect tracker number in place before we reported the issue, I assume we are not the only ones to be affected by this issue. 

Good luck,

Mary Katherine Johnson