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***PRODUCT MANAGEMENT NEEDS YOUR FEEDBACK*** French translation of "Retraining"


To all my Madams and Monsieurs out there,

We have received a request to change the current translation of the word “Retraining” from "Recyclage" to "Renouvellement" for the French locale.  I would like to get your feedback if you are using the French locale on whether this change:

1. Make an improvement sense in how we communicate the retraining action to the user

2. The impact of this change would be if it was done on your business process

Appreciate your input s'il vous plait!



Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi Sany,

"Recyclage" has a different meaning in French when talking about training. It is more often used when training people so that they can take a different professional direction that is to say acquiring new skills.

I do not know the context of this "Retraining" but if it is about regularly retaking the same training (e.g. Regulatory training) at anniversary dates then "Renouvellement" is more appropriate I believe.

Hoping it helps

Kind Regards,


Hi Sany,
renouvellement is more related to a contract or a subscription for instance (litterally "renewal"). Recyclage is both used for a change of career orientation and for refresher training. As there is no ambiguity between the 2 meanings here, I think "recyclage" is a more appropriate translation, and closer to the day-to-day vocabulary. 




Best Regards,


Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Dear Sany,

please find enclosed the answer from my colleagues from France:

For us, the « exact » wording in the French law is “recyclage” for mandatory security trainings. So we think that this change of translation is not necessary, as the term of “recyclage” is known by users and our businesses. Even if we understand the word “renouvellement”, it is less appropriate.

Regards, Katja