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Product Management wants your feedback - Direct link to item, most recent revision

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Hey guys, in case you do not subscribe to the regular Learning Forum, please read the note below, then CLICK ON THE LINK to go to the ORIGINAL POST and REPLY PLEASE.  It is important that Product Management hear from those of us whose revision management process requires us to have multiple active revisions of documents available at the same time (due to future effective-dated items in curricula,)\

Thank you for your consideration,
Mary Katherine Johnson, Terumo BCT


Product Management wants your feedback - Direct link to item, most recent revision 

Currently an item link is specific to a revision and those links break once a new revision is created. There have been 2 influence tickets requesting a direct link that would navigate to the latest revision, but with little votes as there is a need  to navigate to a specific revision as well. [see original post for links to Influence tickets.]

If the product was enhanced so this feature could be enabled or disabled globally, would that be sufficient or do you need to control whether a direct link goes to the latest revision on a per Item basis? So do you need links to some items to always go to the most recent version and links to other links to always go to a specific item revision?