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PTCH-28271: Pending Completions are stuck

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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I was wondering if anyone tested this patch fix for e-signature.  I just completed testing this patch that fixes the disable of e-signature should record the completion however it doesn't work.  It doesn't show up on list for the user to verify however it doesn't record as completion either. 



Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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Hi There,

Not sure, I did tested in SANDBOX and it worked fine for me. Below are the steps that are followed to test it.

1) Take an Item which is enabled with e-Sig at item level

2) Get it assign and complete, but not apply the e-Sig

3) Disable the -eSig at Item level

4) Go back and verify the Learning Completion with applying e-Sig which is pending

5) You/user should be able to apply e-Sig and Completion Record should appear in the Learning history 

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Yes that is the steps I took however when I checked as a user, the item is no longer available for e-sig which is correct however it doesn't show up in the Learning History as a completion record either. I re-enabled the e-sig and it showed up for e-sig. In the past it auto marks it complete when you disable the e-sig which is what should happen correct?

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Hi May,

Thank you for the heads up, I did tested it again to double check and you are right, the issue is appearing again in Both Sandbox and Stage (preview). I have highlighted to Support team and waiting for their response. Will update the post as soon as I receive response from support team for my ticket.

Thank you once again..