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PTCH-32754 - Add New Item/Curricula Wizard does not respect Entity Configuration

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi All,

Since we are carefully testing all functionalities introduced in Patch 1 v2005 now, our attention is also focused on Entity Configuration which was not possible to be tested earlier, but got reintroduced by now.

Allow me to highlight two observations we have made so far:

- Entity Configuration is not honored in Add New Wizard, once creating an Item/Curricula from Learning Admin UI,

- Entity Configuration is honored on Item/Curricula details page.

We used a 'Title' field as an example which got set to Required = Yes via Entity Configuration. As of result, the 'Title' field got set as mandatory within Item/Curricula details page correctly, but still that wasn't reflected within Add New Wizard once creating a new item from Learning Admin UI.

May I please kindly ask for feedback whether Entity Configuration feature was supposed to get fully fixed by the recent Patch 1 or only partially, so we could expect further fixes to be included in Patch 2? Also it would be great to hear if anyone else observed such a behavior. Based on below Patch 1 details, we were assuming Entity Configuration functionality will be fully restored including Add New Wizard also ..

b2005p7 (29-May-20)



Fixes an issue where fields hidden in the entity configuration are not honored when creating an item in the Learning Administration UI.

Thank you!




Galactic 3
Galactic 3
I just tested it and you are correct. Thanks for pointing that out.

Correct, None of the Add screens for the 9 core entities in Flash fully support entity configuration. Some fields do honor it in 1H 2020 but it is based on the settings from Flash. Once we remove Flash we plan to revert required field supported per Flash settings to use the new entity configuration.

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Thanks. I appreciate your feedback, @Carolyn Bedi.

According to my knowledge Flash is being scheduled for decommission on the same date as v2005 Production release. Do I understand correctly then, that we wouldn't have a possibility to fully test Entity Configuration feature prior v2005 go-live?

My apologies, but if that's something to be expected, it is unacceptable from VSaaS customer standpoint. Entity Configuration plays vital role in our system setup and requires proper testing and documentation process to be followed prior release.

I'd be grateful for confirmation on above but also on feedback whether there are any other functionalities/UI screens that are expected to be introduced on Flash decommission day, not ready to be tested within testing window we are in. Recently our team found out that once black background is enabled in Accessibility Settings, old UI screens like Item Search or Reports are ignoring this setup still showing as white - wondering if that might be a similar issue since mentioned screens seems Flash-based as well.

Thank you.



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@sany said Timing and implications for validated customers?

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The Add Item process in 2005 is not currently tied to the entity configuration that was released in P16.  This functionality is coming in a later release (2021 upgrade).  One workaround you can implement is to create template items that admins can copy to ensure the required fields are populated accurately, and not have those admins add new entities from scratch.  This can be temporarily used until the new Add entity process is delivered in a later release.

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Entity configuration is included in p16.