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R&U training modules and ES

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In our company (UCB Biopharma) it is a common practice to create Read & Understood training modules which link to a document stored in our validated eDMS.

The R&U modules are built with the Browser lauch method and they are packed with a SCORM object where the user is requested to Agree to a statement (‘I confirm that I have read this document and understand my responsibilities’).

During a recent internal audit, we have been requested to add an electronic signature to these R&U modules.

We have challenged the finding as SF does not foresee the implementation of electronic signatures and we would like to compare with other SF customers using the validated LMS and come back to the auditors.

Would you share with me how you manage your R&U training modules?

Do you have a confirmation statement at the end?

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards,



Galactic 3
Galactic 3


At Astellas we use an AICC wrapper, and it also includes the use of an eSignature thereafter. Please let me know if you like me to bring you in touch with one of our tech team.



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Thanks Petra for your feedback.

As we link to documents stored in Veeva Vault, we could no longer use AICC Wrapper because Veeva confirmed it is not compatible with SuccessFactors.

Thank you

Kind regards,


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Thats good to know as we move to Veeva as well

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It was a surprise for us communicated by Veeva after purchasing the product when the implementation was onoing. I should say it was not a good experience.

We needed to recreate our R&U modules with " Browser" as AICC did not work anymore.

Maybe you could discuss this point with them in advance 😉

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Thanks for the heads up! We have regular challenges where LMS is not being looked at timely as part of downstream impact of system changes 🙂 so this may be helpful!


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Please feel free to contact me if you need further info!


Kind regards,


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Hello Sara,

Would you mind explaining with a little more detail why accessing content stored in Veeva is incompatible with the AICC wrapper?

Maybe there is a solution modfying the AICC wrapper or creating your own AICC wrapper/SCORM wrapper.



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Hello Alan,

Please find attached the problem statement and the solution adopted at UCB in 2016, when implementing Veeva Vault.

I hope it helps

Kind regards,


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Thank you for sharing Sara. 

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@AYang@Sara Cavallucci@Verheijen Petra

At Zoetis we use Veeva Vault as well.

And we also had to stop using the wrapper.  Vault is a SaaS model, and for security purposes, they (as well as sharepoint) will not allow another "window pane" to open up within theirs.

And  that is becuase there could be malicious coding embedded within the wrapper.

We do still require an e-signature on all our R&U courses.  And we also do select the AICC radio button for the launch method.

To get to the esig, we have to select "Mark This Item Complete on Launch" for the content object in the learning item.

This way, we get the esig, and the users can re-open the item from their learning history.

And yes, we had HUGE problems when this first rolled out, because Vault access was not automatic, and people were being asked to verify training that they never could open.

I think we've gotten through most of the headaches from the transitions, but it was truly a tragic day when we found out that this was our only workaround.

Good Luck,
Brian Norton

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Hi Brian,

We are going through the implementation of Veeva through SF.  We would love to discuss how your implementation went and lessons learned.

You can reach me at

Phonethip (Pon-tip)

Hi all,

as we are in a prep/decision making phase, i would love to gain more info as well. Maybe we can set up a more central call through LSIG?


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Thank you for sharing Sara, here at SK BIOTEK we use the AICC as well, but I do not know if the electronic signature is enabled, since we are still using the old Bristol Myers Squibb SF.
We are implementing a new SF instance now, so I will look into this.
May I ask if it was a FDA audit?
Our DMS is Emerson DCA (medieval)....