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Reminder: 1808p23 Application to Production this weekend


Hi Everyone,

I know you all got the notification below regarding the upcoming patch to Production/Pre-Production environments this weekend, but I just wanted to send out a reminder that this will be happening late night Saturday/Early Sunday morning hours.  This schedule does not conflict with the major 1905 code upgrade going into the platform and the rest of your SuccessFactors products the day before.  As noted, there is no expected additional downtime for the patch to LMS. Please note that it was necessary to add an additional fix earlier this week to Sandbox and Preview, which is noted in the Patch 23 notes, so that you did not experience the issue in Production.  We strive to always provide the most stable experience for you and your users, while minimizing the impact to your validation efforts and impact to your process. The additional issue resolved in Patch 23 allows the admins to properly use the pull down menu fields such as locales, which is critical for those of you that use more than one language. Thank you always for your support! 

***Customer Notification Below***

Dear Customer,

This is to inform you that there will be an additional patch applied to your validated Sandbox, Preview and Production instances as a planned patch on the below schedule. This additional patch is necessary to provide you with the most up-to-date fixes available for your environments.

This additional patch does not include any new functional changes, only fixes to already identified issues. New IQ reports will be generated as a part of this change.

Services on your environment will not be impacted during this patch upgrade.

Please Click here to access the SF Release Info page. You can find the updated patch release notes under "Reference"

The patch application schedule to your Sandbox, Preview and Production environments will be as below (times are local to your data center):

Sandbox Maintenance Window:

Start Date: 2nd June, 2019 Start Time: 23:00 Hrs.

End Date:  3rd June, 2019  End Time: 06:00 Hrs.

Preview Maintenance Window

Start Date: 4th June,2019 Start Time: 23:00 Hrs.

End Date: 5th June,2019 End Time: 06:00 Hrs.

Production Maintenance Window

Start Date: 8th June, 2019 Start Time: 23:00 Hrs.

End Date: 9th June 2019 End Time: 06:00 Hrs.