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Required date not showing for Task Checklist assigned via Program

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Galactic 2
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this post is to let the Community know that we have submitted an Enhancement Request (ID: 253379) to the SAP Continuous Influence asking to fix the system behavior related to required date not showing for Task Checklist assigned via Program. If you are experiencing the same issue, you have the option to vote for our request in the portal to maximize the possibility that SAP will consider a fix for it for future updates.


The current behavior is the following: 

When a  task checklist is assigned to a user via Program, Assignment settings specified at the item level are not taken into consideration, hence a user will not be able to see the task with the required date (the observer too). If a time limit is set for the program section to be completed, the user who is assigned with the Task checklist via program will be able to see that they have to complete the task within that specified period of time, but not the observer, who will only see the pending observation as required. The Observer have no clue whether the observation is part of a program that the observed user is participating in. So they can't get an idea of the duration of the program unless they actively ask the user.

What we suggested

A possible solution should be to show the due date of the Program section to the observer too as it is for the observed user.

Another possibility could be to enable Administrators to add the required date for checklists within a program as it is for curricula. This option should be added as optional and not mandatory. Section completion can trigger the calculation of the required date if a program have multiple sections that have to be completed sequentially.

Thank you and best regards.