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SaaS Learning Implementation timeline

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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To implement Validated LMS (VLMS) in a client, SF mentions that the client needs to confirm the implemention for each environment.

  1. Sandbox
  2. Staging
  3. Pre-production
  4. Production

So, we will have to implement in sandbox, and the client has to validate sandbox. Then, the staging is provided, we copy to Staging and the client has to validate staging, and so on. 

It is correct to say that the client will have to validate the system 4 times in the implementation?




Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Hi Paulo,

only the Staging and Production environments are qualified.
The client will have to sign-off each environment before getting access to the next one, but the validation process should only happen in Staging.

Hope it helps,

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Thank you Pauline!

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Hello Pauline,

We understand the level of validation for Staging and PROD, but what about Pre-Prod?

What is the usage of PRE-PROD environement in a regulated-validated business such as Pharma?


Hello Bethy,

preprod is the environment where you can perform your configuration testing before replicating it in prod, and be able to rely on what you see a any time, as this environment release is always aligned with production, even when sandbox and stage have already been upgraded to the next release.

Indeed, this environment has the exact same release date as production.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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Do we have to sign off on each environment before getting the next one if we don't plan on using one environment? For example, after validating the Staging environment we would like to directly move to production to perform that validation and go live with the solution for our end users. If we must go through pre-production during our implementation, what would be the purpose of going through Pre-Production first?


Sarah Kriss

We did not and do not use pre-production, if that helps.  

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I my clients we use pre-prod as for maintenance purposes, while the other 2 are on a different version than production.

B rgds.