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SF MObile Feature: No Logout Pushbutton

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Dear Mobile Validated Clients,

How many customers have enabled the mobile features without having the logout option available within the current version of SF mobile feature. 

As an IT owner I have not turned on this feature since this breaches the Cyber Security policies. It is vulnerable and definitely risks that if a mobile device is lost any can who can access the mobile(by unauthorised means) can straight away login to SF App and access the training training etc.

How many clients have taken this risks at their current organization?

How you you resolved this issue with your organization? Can I connect with you separately on this?

How many would like to SAP to invest into and implement a logout option into SF Mobile Feature as this is a safest feature to have for pharma organizations? Consider you have a banking mobile feature without a logout option would you use a mobile app from your own bankers?