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SF User Connector AD HOC - What is it, how does it work, and can I TURN IT OFF?

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Hey guys,

I am struggling to find information about the SF User Connector AD HOC.  I have "ALL" permissions, but the only permission I have fir the Ad Hoc user connector is to View it.  I recently turned off our SF User Connector in our LMS Preview/Stage environment because we are doing an instance refresh in our Preview/Stage BizX environment, and I did not want the updated user data to flow into my LMS until I was ready for it.  But the SF User Connector AD HOC ran the file anyway AFTER I disabled the regular SF User Connector.

I cannot find any mention in any materials about the Ad Hoc connector, other than we can now view its details after it runs.  Can someone tell me what is its purpose?  How is it triggered?  How can it be controlled?  Is it the same data as the normal SF User Connector?  Can someone point me to a resource?


Mary Katherine Johnson


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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I didn't notice this in stage until now. This is not in our preprod or production environment however something weird did happen after our refresh of preprod. The emails were set to but then next day all email addresses in the system was deleted including emails in admin accounts.

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Edit permissions for Connectors are in a separate ALL CONNECTORS role. The ALL does not have permissions to edit Connectors. The consultant the help us migrate to vSaaS Learning advised to leave the roles as-is and NOT add permissions to the ALL role.

I think you turned off the Employee Export on the BixZ side, but the User SF Connector remained enabled on the Learning side. The Employee Export run before you turned it off probably left a file which the User SF Connector processed.

Do you have access to the FTP sites for Learning Preview/Stage? Whenever the Employee Export job is stopped you need to check the FTP site to ensure there is not a file. If the Employee Export job is stopped and any files from past runs are removed then the User SF Connector can remain scheduled. There will be no files for the Connector to process.

Disabling the User SF Connector is added assurance.