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Simplify Admin UI, Training & Validation ... Please Vote!

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Please vote for the following proposal...

Prior to b2005, admin Role permissions could allow an admin to search for an entity (users, items, etc.) without having access to their respective menus. This was especially valuable for admins who only had access to generate reports, such as department heads, Quality Assurance, and any other employees who work with inspection teams. In b2005, however, the ability to search for any of these entities automatically provides menu access to additional areas for which these admins have no need to view (e.g. Learning Activities, People, etc.)

This additional access is extremely costly as we now have to provide additional training and validate many new screens for each upgrade.

This issue could easily be addressed by providing an additional section when configuring permissions specifically related to menu access. This can be used to effectively hide a menu for which we do not want the admin to view - and retain the permissions required for searching in reports.