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Task Checklist Request Observer screen does not show Observer Region in COURSE HOME

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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During our testing of the Course Home UI, we have found an issue with the Task Checklist Request Observer screen that may impact our adoption of Course Home. We are heavy users of the Task Checklist feature, and many of the items that have task checklists are assigned to users across many different Regions. In both the Legacy Item Details UI and the Course Home UI, the Request Observer screen lists authorized instructors as observers (when enabled on the checklist) and shows the observer's Name and Job Title. However, there is one important difference between the Legacy and Course Home UIs that is very impactful to us.

In the Legacy Item Details UI, the Request Observers screen also displays the Region for each observer under their name and job title. The Region value that is displayed is the Region on the observer's User record, not their Instructor record. In the Course Home UI, the observer's Region is NOT SHOWN.  See pictures at the bottom.

In the current release, a "My Region" button is available on the Request Observer screen that, when enabled, filters out observers whose Region is different from the user's Region. Unfortunately, we often have employees in one Region who do not have any authorized instructors available in their Region for that item. And since the relevant Region is pulled from the observer's User record, we cannot just designate an observer for that region if no authorized instructor lives there. Therefore, having the Region be displayed under the Observer name and job title is critical for users to be able to select the best-fit observer for their location (e.g., perhaps an observer in a similar time zone).

Is there a setting I am missing to make this data display for observers? Is there a workaround available that does not involve manipulating user Region data for the observer?

PLEASE VOTE FOR MY ENHANCEMENT to have this field added back to the Request Observers screen!

Thank you!
Mary Katherine  Johnson

Legacy UI shows observer Region data

Legacy UI shows Observer RegionLegacy UI shows Observer Region

Course Home UI does not show observer Region data

Course Home UI does not show Observer RegionCourse Home UI does not show Observer Region