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Timed Assessment in iPad (Safari Browser) - Timeout Issues

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hello Everyone,

We are facing issues with timed assessments in iPad - safari browser. The assessment is timing out, after 30mins but before the set assessment duration of 60mins (or anything greater than 30mins). The error says "There is no valid user session or the session has timed out. Please login again".

SAP suggested to follow the article which talks about SAML authentication and it worked, user were able to complete the assessment without timeout issues. But the concern is some of the users don't get any SAML error while logging with these settings turned ON (Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Block All Cookies). They only encounter the timeout issue when taking the assessments and the exams get locked as we have limited attempts.

Have anyone faced timeout issues with assessment and what have you done to prevent this? Is it just these settings that plays the role or is there something else?

These are high-stakes exams taken by learners, that determine their incentive compensation / product knowledge to be ‘customer facing’ so it is very critical for us to make this work seamlessly.