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Unexpected Patches

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

We have received the message from SAP that patches will be applied on the sandbox and the stage next weekend (November 27th/28th) to correct errors.
This change at short notice causes significant additional work.
We have to evaluate the corrections, possibly repeat tests and revise various documents from the DQ, IQ and OQ phases.

I wanted to ask here in the community how you deal with this?

Today I viewed the patch information in the Whats New Viewer. However, it is not detailed enough to estimate the effort to retest. From the description in the NEED FEEDBACK THREAD I could estimate the effort needed.

But, I would like SAP to provide us generally with more information about what is exactly changed in the patches.
In some cases it is not possible to determine from the content of the Whats New Viewer what has been modified in detail to identify what we need to test.

How do you deal with the given information of the What New Viewer?