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Upgraded Preview Breaks Custom Verification

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

We have a customization to our LMS that allows users to verify training using their network credentials. (All I know on the technical side is that we use Okta to accomplish this.)

I logged on to our preview instance this morning to test if our SSO would allow me to access the system and that works fine. However, verification no longer works. I believe that there are many users with similar customization. Please test on your system and reply to let me know if your customizations are broken as well.


Galactic 4
Galactic 4

Hi Scott,

VMWare updated their security on WorkSpace 1.  SAP needs to apply a eSignature patch.  It worked for us in preview and sandbox.

We are waiting to apply it to PROD and Production support.  VMWare is supposed to apply the Workspace 1 in August.

Hope this helps.

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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We have ldap authentication for the e-signature portion and it is working fine. We have Okta SSO for login only which is also working fine.

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Thanks May. it sounds like your solution is configured just like ours … except yours is working. I have compared our LDAP settings in production and preview and they are the same. I am at a loss!

I am curious. Does it take a long time for your verification to go through? Ours takes 30-65 seconds and it drives me crazy.


I did notice it took longer to complete than before and it took about 30 seconds. Not sure why this has occurred with the upgrade. I've also noticed a longer lag time when I complete the training and click on Continue, it did not bring up the e-signature page. I had to click on the home page to see the link to verify the training. I will test again after this weekend as we have a mismatch of the BizX and LMS environment which is causing other issues hence I'm not sure if the lag time is due to this mismatch.