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User Compliance Report - Enhance to include inactive users, Asssignment date and Item Title

Galactic 3
Galactic 3


This request is to enhance User Compliance Report to include inactive users, assignment date, and Item title from audit perspective. I feel this is such a core/fundamental report that can make any audit go smooth and help system look reliable, robust and audit ready.

Here's my recent interaction (summary) with EMA....

Recently I had an opportunity to directly participate in a European Medicines Agency (EMA) Audit. Auditors requested for training compliance report showing when training was assigned, required date, completion date, did the user comply on time. I was aware of User Compliance Report however I hit a snag when I learned that the report doesn’t include inactive users, assignment date and item title. After running several reports and joining bunch of columns I arrived at the data but it wasn’t something staright forward. It took me several hours and I had to run every day to track progress.

SF/SAP – How can we make this change to the report? Please advise. This should alleviate lots of audit responses.

- Dhruv Patel

Eisai Inc.