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UserCurriculumStatusCSV & Curriculum Data (CSV) report is not displaying correct data when include Subcurricula

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We are using 2 standard OOTB (out of the box) reports delivered as follows:


Curriculum Data (CSV)

Both reports were working before but since last week, we noticed that when we filter for a specific curriculum then check the box to include subcurricula, the report shows subcurricula that is not relevant to the curriculum selected.  Has any one experienced this issue.  The same issue exists in stage that has been upgraded with HANA too.

Appreciate any help as this is a production issue! 



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Galactic 3
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Hello May,

we are facing the same issue since 1808 release and upgrade of Hana. When checking the old and the new report in RPD we can see, that the reports have been changed. There are now 8 data sets included instead of 4. The new 4 ones are all dealing with Hana.

So I would recommend to open a ticket to SAP. We will do this as well.

Kind Regards, Katja