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Validate Learning Mobile App with custom eSign extension

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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On our last LSIG call, i bought up the topic of custom eSig and Mobile app.

We are working with SAP and facing several challenges in getting to a solution. I beleive there are customers out there with custom eSig and have it working from the mobile app as well. I am also aware that every extension is different and varies by our needs but still want to hear from you and work with SAP in conjuction to get the extension working for us.

please do contact or leave a comment, would appreciate your help and leads on this. thanks !


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Hi, Our e-signature custom extension works on the mobile app however please note the custom extension was to only enable LDAP authentication hence its behavior is very much like SSO. We use the exact same user ID for SSO login and e-signature user ID so maybe that's why it is working for us. Regards, May