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Validated Learning Customers - Integration Sealing Process and Next Steps



As highlighted in our previous Learning and Platform Integration blog, SAP SuccessFactors is moving to sealing integrations between our SuccessFactors Platform and the Learning module.  This article highlights the details and why integration sealing is important for our customers to adopt new innovations like Talent Intelligence Hub (TIH) and Integrated Learning Experience (ILX).  

Read below to understand how SAP SuccessFactors defines a good integration, how we determine instances eligible to be sealed on behalf of customers, as well as the timeline of these activities. 

Definition of an instance with a Good Integration: 

  • Instance Type is the same, for example: 
    • Learning Sandbox (Stage @ Preview) <-> Platform Preview  
    • Learning Preview <-> Platform Preview 
    • Learning Pre-Production (Test @ Production) <-> Platform Test @ Production 
    • Learning Production <-> Platform Production 
  • Data Centers are the same (Ex. Learning on DC33 / Platform on DC33). NOTE: Only exception is DC68 Platform / DC70 Learning 
  • Integration is enabled on both Learning and Platform 
  • Integration configurations point to each other 

Next Steps: 

SAP SuccessFactors will begin sealing the integrations for selected tenants where no customer validation or action is required and performing a system confirmation (integrations validated by SAP and integration status is set to “Confirmed by System”) of other selected tenants that will be sealed after a 90-day waiting period provided to enable customers to perform a validation of the integration.  Customers whose tenant integrations are being updated (integration status updated to “Sealed” or “Confirmed by System”) will be notified in advance via email. 

Instance Eligible to be Sealed without a Waiting Period: 

  • Meets the definition of a Good Integration as explained above 
  • There is no other technical way the instance could be setup to be a Good Integration 
    • Example: 
      • Learning Preview integrated to Platform Preview 
      • Learning Sandbox (Stage @ Preview) integrated to Platform Preview 
      • Learning Pre-Production (Test @ Production) integrated to Platform Test @ Production 
      • Learning Production integrated to Platform Production 


Instance Eligible to be Sealed with a Waiting Period 

The integration status will be updated to “Confirmed by System” and the instances sealed after a 90-day waiting period for instances that meet the below criteria: 

  • Meets the definition of a Good Integration as explained above 
  • Customer has other instances in their landscape that could be connected to create a "Good Integration" 
    • Example: A Customer has a Learning Preview instance as well as a Learning Sandbox (Stage @ Preview) tenant, which we’ll call Learning "A" and Learning "B" and 2 Preview Platform tenants (Platform "A" and Platform "B").  Currently the integrations are setup as: 
      • Platform Preview "A" ---> Learning Preview "A" 
      • Platform Preview "B" ---> Learning Sandbox (Stage @ Preview) "B" 
    • The customer could in theory reverse the connections and still be configured correctly: 
      • Platform Preview "A" ---> Learning Sandbox (Stage @ Preview) “B” 
      • Platform Preview "B" ---> Learning Preview "A" 
    • Therefore, we note these integrations as "Confirmed by System" and customers are asked to confirm their integration within 90 days of status update which will occur between January 8-22. 

Customer notifications for instances that will be Sealed or Confirmed by System are being sent soon. 

Customers receiving a "Confirmed by System" notification will have 90 days after the status change to confirm their integrations before they are sealed by SAP. 
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Be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates on the changes that will be announced as part of a future release timeline, impacting all Learning customers. 

Have a Question? 

For questions regarding this Innovation Alert, please leave a comment below.  If you encounter any technical issues related to this Innovation Alert, please create a Support Ticket with component  LOD-SF-LMS-INT. 

For specific questions on your customer landscape, please send a note to  

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please review our linked document. 


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Hello @benroberg , 

When exactly we will receive more information for the validated instances? Or the notification for informing us of the sealing process when will they be sent?

Thank you!

Hello @IulianaPricop - We've posted the details here, and I am adjusting the copy of my original post now.