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Validated Learning & Opentext Content Server integration

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Has anyone completed a successful integration related to Validated Learning & Open Text Content Server using Item / Curricula connectors ? If so, could you please share your experience or any advice on  timeline  and any tips for the implementation?



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We completed an integration between Content Server and our validated LMS last year. We use the Item Connector once daily to send revisions to or new controlled documents (SOP/WIS) to the LMS. Any revised documents on a curriculum gets updated and triggers the email to let employees know there is a document that needs to be reviewed and signed off using electronic signature. It is working great and has alleviated time consuming, daily updates we did manually.

As far as the experience, we worked with a vendor who helps with Content Server who helped us a lot. My part as the LMS administrator was fairly straightforward - setting the Item Connector to run once a day and then testing that everything was working as intended - items were updated to the next revision level and updated on curricula. We needed to use 2 files, the item_module_data and item_data to update items (Next revision level) and content objects (URL).

My IT counterpart did not have the same experience. We ran into unexpected issues that caused delays and additional budget spend, mostly because we are not using the most recent version of Content Server. The solution the vendor came up with worked for the most part, but it took a long time to figure out work-arounds because we don't have the most up-to-date version of Content Server.

Let me know if you have any more questions

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Thank you for sharing your experience and details of your implementation.

I have a few question related to the integration of Content Server with Validated Learning.  Did the IT team use OTIC tool / Apache Airflow for the daily updates for integration?  Did you engage Open text for the integration of the two systems and automation of daily updates for revisions?