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VSaaS 2H2020 Upgrade Schedule

Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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Hi all,

I have been trying to find the information on the VsaaS release 2H2020 updates and unfortunately, there is nothing said about this. 

Only 1H2020 and 1H2021 are available.

The customer doesn't know when to expect 2H2020 upgrades on the prod instance, as there are still 1H2020 upgrades and it seems to be weird.

Could someone please comment on this or share the schedule?

Thank you!!!


Galactic 4
Galactic 4


Below is the latest schedule that I have. 

I hope this is what you are looking for.


Marla Brabham

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@Brabham Marla 

Someone, such as you, always obliges by getting us to the schedule. My goal for years, however, is to know where to go for it. I spend hours, no exaggeration, gathering the information to post for my team and I find a great deal of it in the SF release information link, but never have I located a schedule with specific dates.

Do you know where that is located?

Best Regards,

Becky Loeding

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I get the schedule from the Validated SaaS Learning Communication Site.  This is where Sany Said usually post the VSaaS schedule.

I have my page bookmarked, but hopefully this will help you get to it in case the link at the bottom of my response does not work.

Community Home Page>Products>Learning

Learning - Welcome to the SAP SuccessFactors Community! (I have attached a document to show you the page you can follow to access to get to this page).

This takes you to the Learning Community. There is a link "Validated SaaS Learning Communication", this takes you to the page that Sany Said puts information. You may have to request to be part of the group.

Below is the URL to the web site. You may have to copy and past it.

I hope this gets you to the information that you are looking for.

Marla Brabham

I sincerely appreciate your detailed response Marla!

I do look to the Community Products site for most of the useful information. It's when I click on links that don't work

that makes me question if I'm in the right place. Now that I know I am, however, I'll continue using the site.



Thank you!


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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@elenaandreeva, the changes introduced in 2H2020 are rolled into the vSaaS implementation of 1H2021. VSaaS customers only get one upgrade per year (plus 2 bug-fix patches) instead of the 2 upgrades per year that non-vSaaS customers get.

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If so, Is there 'What's New viewer' only for vSaaS?

All 2H2021 will be included to 1H2022 release update?