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Warning Message for Item Revision

Galactic 3
Galactic 3


There is a frequent need to maintain 2 active revisions of documents, both of which learners need to complete to be in compliance. The functionality that exists when a learner launches revision ‘1’ from the learning plan results in a pop up message which reads: ‘There is a new revision available for this item.  Do you wish to access this new revision instead?’.  Many learners instinctively just click ‘ok’ and are taken to revision ‘2’, which they read and verify.  Revision ‘1’ stays on their learning plan so they launch it again and do this over and over until they get frustrated and think the LMS isn’t working because they launched revision 1 but completed revision 2. We would like to make this feature an ‘opt out’.  This feature does not add any value and creates frustration, many hours of support and potential compliance gaps.  We have reconfigured the text of the pop up message but this issue continues and is a great source of irritation for our learners.

Do you have a suggestion for how you think that the issue can be addressed?

Make this functionality ‘opt out’, we would like to turn it off completely, it serves absolutely no purpose for our business as the user must train to both revisions of the documents.

Which roles (e.g., employees, managers, HR business partners, administrators) are impacted by the issue?

Employees primarily, but also administrators who end of having to explain how they are getting the results they are seeing and how to get to the currently effective revision.

Do you think that other companies would benefit from solving this issue?

Making this feature ‘opt in’ allows those who want to use the functionality to continue using it and anyone using 2 active revisions can ‘opt out’.


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
Voted! Thank you! We've changed the warning message to just say "Click on Cancel". This has reduced the number of users coming to us but we would rather it doesn't appear at all.

Voted! Thank you, we changed also the lable instruction.todo.ConfirmAccessNewRevision to something like:

"There is a valid revision available for this item. Please read this valid item by clicking "Cancel". By clicking "OK", you will read the item in status training."

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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VOTED!   Come on folks!  We have 17 votes so far; just 3 more to go!!!!  Even if you don't use multiple active revisions at the same time, PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS so we can opt out of this feature if needed!

We would DEFINITELY opt out of the "new item revision is available" message!  Our users are so terribly confused when they get this message, even though we have reworded it.  In our environment, if they click OK and complete Rev 2, the assignment for Rev 1 is removed from their assignment list, but they do not get learning history for it.  A curriculum item status report and their curriculum status screen shows Rev 1 as complete on the same date as Rev 2 was completed, but there is no history for Rev 1.  Very confusing!

Voted, thank you. I noticed 21 votes, and it has been submitted.

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It looks like this product enhancement has been marked delivered and I've been reviewing it and it looks like it was done for Course Home Blended only. Has anyone tried this? Am I missing something or did they only enhance it for Course Home. We have yet to implement Course Home because of the e-signature and the locking on the training when e-signature is pending for training which was also marked as delivered but I tried in our stage environment and it is still locked plus we are having issues with our custom AICC wrapper not working in Course Home. Anyone experiencing the same issue? I was hopeful to migrate to Course Home but it doesn't seem the enhancements we requested was fully delivered they way we were expecting.

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Enhancement to the new revision flow were implemented for Course Home Blended only. Please provide more details on your issue or submit a ticket if you are not seeing the documented functionality for this flow for an item with Classification Blended and enableCourseHomeBlended=true

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My concern is that this enhancement request was not for Course Home Blended only and was marked as Delivered when it did not deliver the enhancement that was originally requested. I wanted to make sure I was not missing something from the documentation I reviewed and it seems you have confirmed that to be the case which is very disappointing as this does not help us in improving the user experience.

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The same enhancement is planned for Item Classification Online as well.