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Will AICC Wrapper be Fixed?

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Issue: When launching AICC objects using the AICC wrapper, the content does not load with the AICC Wrapper Confirmation Text in the same window. Besides being, in our opinion, illogical UI behavior, it separates our most critical items (SOPs) from the text that ensures the learner has read and understood the document.

Support Response: When discussing the issue with support and exploring options,  the responses were less than encouraging:

  • "this is an expected behavior of the course home."
  • "I highly suggest posting this in the community and the course home feedback for possible enhancement."

With the forced upgrade coming soon, I am concerned about the effect on our users, perception of the LMS, etc. Has anyone else reported this to support and what has your response been?




Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Is file format of the content supported by browser you use? We have some content that is in Microsoft Office file formats. These files will download.

Is the content hosted externally? The new AICC wrapper is coded offer a download option for content that is hosted in sharing sites like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. This "feature" is preventing content our users to access content that is hosted in our cloud-based quality control system. I am trying to make a case with SAP Support that our quality control system and other web applications are not sharing sties and should be able to be accessed in the AICC wrapper.

In the past we experienced blocked content browser errors with content hosted in Google Drive. Google Drive does not its content to be displayed in frames hosted by third-partry sites. I saw the download option as SAP SuccessFactors' solution to the blocked content problem. 

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Our issue is with our SOPs; pdf files that are hosted on our local server. (https:/ They load but outside of the iframe that contains the wrapper confirmation text. The result is less than desirable for the end user:

  1. Access the SOP item. 
  2. User "selects a topic from the content list."
  3. AICC wrapper iframe displays with the wrapper confirmation text at the bottom ... but only item title and a "Launch" link in the main iframe window
  4. Click the Launch link and a pop-up window displays the PDF file.
  5. User reads the SOP
  6. User closes the pop-up window
  7. Back to the iframe pop-up (with no content) and the user has to click "Agree."
  8.  Window displays "Completed"
  9. User clicks E-Signature and signs off. By the way, clicking 'Enter' on your keyboard after entering your pin no longer works. You have to click on the Submit button or tab to it.

I have tried other configuration options, of course, but that results in a second pop-up window displaying as well. The main issue is separating the confirmation text from the pdf file. And then, I find it perplexing that they can make SCORM content load seamlessly into the content object window but not their own AICC wrapper?

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Is the AICC file setup to open in a new window?  This might be the root cause if your LMS is setup up not to open in a new window.