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It’s the 4th of December and we thought our 24 Days of SAP Community project we are currently running provides us with a good opportunity to recap SAP TechEd and what was written about it in the SAP Community SAP TechEd blog posts in the last 3 weeks.

So first and foremost, I think it was very exciting to see a live keynote by Juergen Mueller and Philipp Herzig both in Las Vegas and virtually.
There are many highlights overall so we will highlight only a few and encourage every one of you to check them all. Also be sure to click "Join" here in this active SAP TechEd Group where all SAP TechEd community activities are taking place nowadays and it will become even more active in the days to come.
One of the biggest announcements was SAP Build. Check out our newly launched SAP Builders Group.

SAP CTO and member of the SAP Executive board Juergen Mueller announced the launch of SAP Build during his keynote:

For a deep dive understanding, you can check his blog post SAP Build: What’s Under the Hood?

Daniel Wroblewski, Developer Advocate also demoed about it during the keynote:

Furthermore, Jessica Baxmann summarized all the links that were mentioned during the keynote: From Stage to Your Desk: All Links from the SAP TechEd Opening Keynote 2022

SAP Build is out! by Sebastian Schroetel is a nice walkthrough of what SAP Build is and a few highlighted keynote videos as well.

Sergio Guerrero wrote a nice two blog posts series about SAP TechEd: His first blog post SAPTechEd2022-keynote-day covers a few of the keynote highlights as well as the fact that SAP innovates with SAP BTP, learning on, and the partnership with Coursera as well as SAP Build Work Zone. His second blog post 
SAP TechEd 22 – day 2 describes the main announcement of the Day 2 of SAP TechEd, such as: Global User Identifier, One Domain Model, Robotic Warehouse Management, SAP Fiori Horizon theme, MS Teams, and Google Workspace collaboration.

I also want to share with you three interesting blog posts about SAP Build Work Zone:
1.) The first is SAP Build Work Zone: SAP’s no-code offering for building business sites by Aviad Rivlin announcing the new SAP Build Work Zone.
2.) The second blog post SAP Build Work Zone is out! By Diego Dora in which he goes into detail about how he sees SAP Build Work Zone, “a new umbrella to hold all the “Central Entry Point” solutions:”
3.) The third blog post is Learn about SAP TechEd Highlights around SAP Build Work Zone by Vera Gutbrod that walks you through what is SAP Build and  Questions and Answers about SAP Build Work Zone.

Jessica Baxmann just posted a blog post You Asked, We Answered: Q&A from the SAP TechEd Opening Keynote 2022 answering a few questions that haven’t been answered during the keynote.

Please leave your comments below and tell us about your previous experience at SAP TechEd and what your experience was like with SAP TechEd 2022.

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– Be sure to click "Join" here the SAP TechEd Group to get the best user experience and receive regular notifications

I hope this blog post gave you a small taste of SAP TechEd. I hope it gave you an appetite to check the other blog posts, and the keynotes (if you haven’t seen them yet).

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