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Remember how the internet literally changed everything in the early ‘90s? I still remember the unmistakable chirp of my first modem slowly connecting to some great unknown – the worldwide web! I’d wait patiently for the famous voice of AOL to tell me, “You’ve got mail!”  

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence is disrupting industries in the same way today – quite literally revolutionizing the way we interact and do business. 

What do both have in common? People. 

Whether you’re a developer or not, AI has democratized access to information at a large scale.  

It is reshaping a world where enterprise systems discover unexpected opportunities to improve business process efficiency while reducing carbon footprints, where we can focus on our biggest challenges without wasting time on tedious and repetitive tasks. 

With SAP Business AI, we have already entered this exciting future thanks to our deep business process knowledge. Built on 50 years of experience generating 87% of the world’s commerce, SAP delivers a unique focus on integration, data quality and trust that our customers have come to expect.  

The fact is: more than 26,000 customers of cloud solutions from SAP now use SAP Business AI across multiple scenarios and partner solutions. 

At SAP TechEd this November, we’re thrilled to reconnect and get you up to speed with SAP Business AI with insights from SAP experts, customers and partners. 

You can join us:  

  • in-person at SAP TechEd Bangalore, to connect directly with SAP experts, industry influencers, and our vast developer and IT practitioner community or, 
  • online at SAP TechEd Virtual, our interactive event including live and on-demand educational sessions as well as an engaging Q&A. 

At both events, our dedicated AI track will be divided into two sub-tracks, offering sessions in lecture or interactive formats such as keynotes or jump-start sessions, to deliver the learning experience that works best for you. 

Within these sub-tracks, you’ll learn how SAP delivers Business AI that is relevant and responsible, taking enterprise software into the generative AI age and supporting our customers along their own AI transformation journey. 

Subtrack #1: AI Built for Business 
What is in it for you? 

  1. Unlock valuable insights and make agile business decisions with AI built into your SAP applications. 
  2. Learn how to responsibly accelerate development with AI models pretrained on business-relevant data. 
  3. Discover ways to deploy and run AI models at scale and manage the entire AI lifecycle in one central place. 

Subtrack #2: Generative AI and Large Language Models 
What is in it for you? 

  1. Discover how to responsibly combine the power of generative AI with the context of your business data for tailored business results in your SAP applications.  
  2. Explore how you can develop and extend applications using generative AI.  
  3. Learn about SAP's generative AI strategy and how this powerful technology can help you remain agile. 

After just two days at TechEd, you'll leave with the skills, solutions, and confidence you need to stay relevant and ahead of the curve in the fast-paced AI environment.  

Join us in Bangalore or online at the AI track! We can’t wait to learn, share, and grow with all of you. Your AI ideas get real at SAP TechEd.  

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See you in November!

In the meantime, visit our AI/ML topic page on the SAP Community for additional learning resources and join our new community group to interact with AI enthusiasts.