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Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Q: Any outlook for a common future where CAP and RAP merge?

A: With RAP you can build services in ABAP that can be consumed in other environments such as CAP

Q: What exactly is the main difference between "local API" and "remote API"? (Other than terminology, of course)
A: Local means you invoke it directly on the S/4HANA Cloud stack. Remote API means you must define communication

Q: Will embedded ABAP environment also planned for on-prem S/4HANA (ex. v2021)
A: The plan is to provide embedded Steampunk for all S/4HANA editions - in the private Cloud and in on premise it is an option next
Embedded Steampunk shall ease upgrade projects and ease the transformation to the public Cloud - for the extensions.

Q: What about existing customer inventions if SELECT on direct table will not work anymore?
A: Select on your own customer tables is always allowed.

Q: so i may build my own tables and CDS-Views ? Or not ?
A: Yes, of course.
Yes you can do that in embedded steampunk

Q: As a PARTNER can I deliver my product on embedded steampunk
A: We plan to provide partner support for embedded Steampunk. Many partners will use BTP for their main SaaS solution and use an embedded Steampunk extension in the S/4HANA system as adapter (add an remote API, add a BADI implementation)

Q: Is embedded steampunk included the purchase of BTP?
A: No