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SAP Community Log-in Update
In a few months, SAP Community will switch to SAP Universal ID as the only option to login. Don’t wait, create your SAP Universal ID now! If you have multiple S- or P- accounts, use the Consolidation Tool to merge your content. Get started with SAP Universal ID now!

>> Click the link to learn more about this use case in the SAP Discovery Center. <<

Use Cases @ SAP TechEd

At this year's SAP TechEd, 10 use cases help you address key challenges - and support you in building your agenda.

This use case will be part of a session with Microsoft, DA101, and many more. From Anirban Majumdar's team (Head of Platform Adoption & Architecture), Solution Architect Sangeetha Krishnamoorthy will show you...

... how this solution helps the line-of-business user get the job done: together with Product Manager KP Sauer at Explore SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from A to Z [DA160]  Also check the virtual workshop DA281.

And afterwards?
Want to find out more about how SAP BTP use cases can support you - also post-TechEd? Check out the new Community topic page “SAP BTP in Action”, providing additional hands-on learning content around the use cases, free tier, business content, and more.