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Let's keep the SAP TechEd discussions going!

There were 7 tracks (and many sub-tracks) available at SAP TechEd 2022 - which has come and gone - so very quickly - and yet the topics are and will still be relevant into next year. Therefore, we would like to keep the momentum going in this Group a...

Cover photo Let's keep the SAP TechEd discussions going.png Cover photo Let's keep the SAP TechEd discussions going.png

Hacker Night at SAP TechEd Hands-on Labs

Join the SAP Developer Advocates and other SAP Experts after the SAP TechEd reception at 08:00pm, Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, for a nice get-together with good food, good drink, and good times. Engage with likeminded techies for an evening of socia...

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SAP Developer News: Live from SAP TechEd Monday

DESCRIPTION SAP TechEd Keynote Join Live: SAP TechEd Developer Advocates Download Join Live:


My Playlist for 2022 SAP Teched

Hello SAP Friends,As we are getting close to SAP Teched 2022, I found few interesting sessions which are applicable to me, most of them are Functional here is my Playlist you...

Ruthvik by Galactic 3
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Sure would be sweet to be integrated...

OK, aside from the lame play on words, I'd like to let folks know about my second installment to the SAP BTP Certification series.Episode 2 – How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP Integration SuiteDenys van Kempen and I get into the details of this p...

My "playlist" for SAP TechEd

Please see - what is on your "playlist" for SAP TechEd in a few weeks...for me also add Channel 1.

Get Informed (and Credentialled)

With TechEd fast approaching, just wanted to let folks know that there are many opportunities to get upskilled in various aspect of Business Technology Platform.  Develop Full-Stack Applications in SAP Business Application Studio is a good way to get...

Did you get your SAP TechEd in 2022 badge yet?

SAP TechEd registration is open and the event is just around the corner! I wanted to check in with you on your SAP Tech in 2022 Registered Attendee badge and whether you have it displayed in your profile already? Once you register for SAP TechEd in 2...

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SAP Teched 2022

Hi,does anybody know whether SAP TechEd 2022 will be held as an in person event or as a virtual event. Any news about location and date?BRMartin 

Kasimir the TechEd cat is back!

Remember our TechEd cat Kasimir from last year? Good news, our little friend will join us again this year in Channel 1 at SAP TechEd.  And it gets even better! From now on you can bring Kasimir into your home. Wondering how? Well, that's quite easy! ...

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Daniela by Employee
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Replay: Delve into the latest on ABAP

Did you catch the release of the replay video from SAP TechEd? Let's talk ABAP strategy. Hear from young talents and students about their thoughts and insights on the ABAP programming language. Afterwards, experience an interview with experts from S...

For the next TechEd I wish, I promise...

At the next SAP TechEd (live or remotely) I wish, promise:1) I'll meet my all community sap friends @mynynachau @Ygriega, @NilPeksen, etc ..2) I wish to get a lot of gadgets ...3) I'll go to get signed a TechEd t-shirt from all the All-Stars Develope...

SAP Teched Memories

What memories do you have of previous Techeds?   Is this your first one?  What are you looking forward to?Past Teched:Meeting people while sitting out in the "waiting" line.  I met more people that way.  They were all interesting.  I may not have kep...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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