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What did you walk away with from TechEd where you want to learn more?


I can start:

1. New, valuable SAP BTP use cases so that we can all share real-life stories

2. Automation overall. I want to understand how SAP Build Process Automation works in business since everyone wants to automate as much as possible

3. SAP Build and how I can apply business acumen and collaborate with IT/developers

My cheat sheet SAP TechEd News Guide | Table of Contents

Please discuss your thoughts too!


Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Hi Stephanie - I think for me, more customer presentations; in the past, those were the best part of SAP TechEd. Also live coding by members of the community; one of the most popular sessions in the past was Graham Robinson coding live ABAP to a full room at the Venetian.

I would also love to see more SAP Road Map presentations.  I don't seem to consume road map sessions that well via the SAP Road Map explorer.