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Remember when back at school, as a little kid people would ask you: What do you want to do when you are grown up? I am assuming for most of us the answer was very straight forward. Something along the lines of astronaut, fire- fighter or a vet. We were sure about what we wanted to do. No matter how dreamy or unlikely the prospects were of actually going to space one day.

A few years later in high school, knowing what you wanted to do after graduation was a little more difficult. And frankly the most annoying question I was constantly confronted with during that time. But that was not the end. For me especially choosing what I wanted to study and then later deciding on a career was tough. Because nothing ever seemed as straight forward to me than it did when I was a child. On a side note. As a child I wanted to become a marine biologist. Instead, I started studying Art History. So, from personal experience I know how challenging it can be to forget your professional path in life. 15 years ago, I would have never thought that I would end up in the tech industry.

Most of you will probably remember Julia’s great post on what sparked everyone’s interest in the tech industry. It eventually led to a beautiful story collection of our community members’ paths into the tech industry. And while I did not share my personal story back then, I was recently lucky enough to do so as part of a great podcast with the incredible Ronke Babajide.

If you want to find out more about why I ended up in Tech and learn a little bit more about SAP Women in Tech, and why we consider every woman who works in the tech industry to be a woman in tech, I highly recommend you listen to Women in Technology Spotlight with Ronke.

In addition to that I would also love to hear more about your personal and unique ways into the tech world. And I am especially curious what you wanted to become when you were a child. 😊


Let me know!

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